Die australischen Gastschülerinnen und -schüler, die fast 3 Monate lang am Unterricht in der Kursstufe 1 bzw. der Klasse 10b teilnahmen, sind inzwischen wieder abgereist. Der Aufenthalt gefiel ihnen außerordentlich gut, und deshalb lief der Abschied von den Klassenkameraden und von ihren Gastfamilien am Flughafen München nicht ohne Tränen ab.

Hier ist ein Bericht der australischen Schülerinnen und Schüler, in dem sie ihre Eindrücke des Aufenthaltes schildern.

Australian – German exchange 2015-2016

On 7th November 2015, we, 8 Australian exchange students, Alistair, Caitlin, Guy, Jaimee, Jess, Lyla, Max and William left Australia headed for Germany. After almost 20 hours of flying and a short stopover in Qatar, we arrived in Munich and were greeted by our host families. Some of us stayed on in Munich for a while. The others left straight for Heidenheim and ended up being caught in an enormous traffic jam.

Though we were all jet lagged (some more than others), the next day we had school. We first met with Frau Decker-Eisel, got our timetables and had a German breakfast and settled into school life. School in Germany is pretty cool, it has some similarities but many differences to school in Australia. Like the class times are longer and school days shorter in Germany, where in Australia we have 8 hour school days with 7 periods from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Our favourite thing about the school would be not having full days and being able to go home at lunch also being able to walk to the city during lunch and free periods is pretty cool as well, it’s something we can’t do in Australia. School in Germany has been a new experience for us and something we have all enjoyed very much.

A really interesting thing for us about Germany has been the age and history of the country. During our time in Europe we have seen many different old buildings and statues which are beautiful and interesting but not so much as the castles. Australia being a young country compared to Germany does not have as old buildings or castles in fact We believe Australia has no castles like the ones in Germany. Seeing a couple of the hundreds of castles scattered in Germany and throughout Europe was very exciting and interesting for us. Some were beautiful others not so, some very big and some very small, all in all they were fun to visit. Some of us have also visited and explored a couple of caves which was pretty cool, they were super big but it was really cold.

Christmas was very interesting for us, but it was very different. The food and traditions but the biggest difference would be the temperature, in Australia on Christmas Day in was 35 degrees, hot and dry whereas in Germany it was 10 degrees and rainy. We were all hoping for a white Christmas but sadly it was not so. Opening presents on Christmas Eve was odd but cool because in Australia we normally have breakfast, then open presents Christmas morning. Having a real Christmas tree was cool, they are not very common in Australia. Most people have plastic trees and we put the trees up on the 1st of December. New Year`s Eve was really fun and we all had a really good time. One of the coolest and weirdest things was being able to go to the supermarket and buy fireworks and then set them off at New Year’s Eve!! In Australia they are sadly illegal. So being able to fire your own fireworks was really exciting and super cool!!

We have all had an amazing experience and we have made memories we will never forget. We are super thankful to our host families, the school (teachers and students) and everyone we have met along the way.